Our DaVinci Slate Tile Comes in Many Color Options!

At A.B Edward, we understand that it be a huge challenge to select the best slate tile color for the exterior of your home. There are many factors such as such as fixed features, regional colors, obligatory colors, environment and surroundings must be taken into consideration to ensure that your choice does not override any existing architecture.

How you apply each factor will depend on whether you are working on an existing building or if you are building from the ground up. If you are doing repairs to slate roofs, for example, and want to preserve the current look, color and texture, then you will have to find a material that offers the same qualities.

A.B Edward specializes in synthetic slate roofing that is beautiful, fade resistant and durable. Our tile roofs designed and developed by DaVinci Roofscapes will also give you the design advantage because with our VariBlend technology we can easily replicate a wide variety of colors to meet your project specifications and personal preferences. Our current slate models include Single-Width Valoré, Multi-Width DaVinci and Bellaforté.

The Single-Width Valoré and Bellaforté slate models are available in the following standard colors:

Cambridge, Milano, Sabino, Sedona, Slate Black, Slate Gray, Verde and Villa. The Multi-Width DaVinci is available in Aberdeen, Brownstone, Canyon, Castle Gray, European, Evergreen, Slate Black, Slate Gray, Sonora, Vineyard and Weathered Green. However, you may choose to use any of our standard blends on any of our profiles. Don’t see the blend you want? No problem! Visit our online color studio to create your own blend from our 49 standard colors – or send in your own custom color. There is also the possibility to choose from a wide range of Cool Roof colors to reduce your heating and cooling costs while getting Class 4 Impact Rating and Class A fire rating from our products.

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